36 Sewing thread needles with gold eyes and threader

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36 needles with gold eyes, that give an excellent assortment of hand sewing needles for a wide variety of fabrics and uses.

12 x Sharps – Sharps size 10, 11 and 12 are often referred to as the petite needle because they are very fine and short with smaller eyes than their counterparts within the Sharp family. These needles are ideal for creating small delicate stitches and are quick and easy to use, a delight for the experienced sewer.

12 x Betweens – Specifically designed for quilters, the short length of these needles allows you to stitch far quicker than when using an ordinary sewing needle.

12 x Darners – Long and sharp with elongated eyes, as their name suggests, these needles are used for darning or mending work. Sizes 14 to 18 are commonly known as Yarn or Wool Darners.

1  x Threader – Allows the user to easily thread the needle.


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